You may create your own tests and combine sensors as required. For example jump test, strength test, gait test or running test etc., may be combined with sensors like EMG, goniometer, IMU and more. All data will be synchronized and available for graphical and numerical analysis.

Check table below for typical applications.

Function Required product Comment
Balance test Standard softwareSDI or DSU + Force plate Postural sway, 1 and 2 dimensional parameters;
Area, alignment, path, mean COP, path velocity, range and frequency
Flexibility tests Standard software, SDI + RF Host 2.4Ghz or DSU, + Goniometer (wireless) 2 or 3 dimensional Joint angle measurement
Gait analysis Standard software, SDI + RF Host 2.4Ghz or DSU + 2 IMU (wireless) Gait cycle detection with identification and quantification of load response, flat foot, pre-swing and swing.
Jump test Standard softwareSDI or DSU + Force plate or Infrared contact mat Squat jump, counter movement jump, drop jump and continuous jumps
Running analysis Standard softwareDSU, Laser + Optical Infrared contact mat + IMU (wireless) Running economy/efficiency. Continuous velocity, automatic left/right leg detection, contact time, flight time, step length, step frequency, asymmetry, leg stiffness, vertical stiffness, stride angle and vertical oscillation.
Sprint test Standard software, SDI or DSU + RF Host 868Mhz + Timing gates (photocells, wireless) or Laser Includes horizontal force/velocity analysis and agility tests
Strength tests, dynamic Standard software, SDI or DSU + Encoder Concentric, SSC, Endurance, Force/velocity analysis. Biofeedback training
Strength tests, isometric Standard software, SDI or DSU + Force sensor(s) or Force plate Maximal force, time to max force and Rate of Force Development.
Electromyography Professional software, SDI + RF Host 2.4Ghz or DSU + EMG (wireless) Up to 108 channels, 1 kHz, Raw data, RMS and FFT
External sync Professional software, DSU + Trigger / Sync module Isolated. In or out, TTL compatible BNC, For synchronization with external systems, like high speed camera etc.