Research is essential to understand the mechanisms triggered by any intervention. The choice of training program or rehabilitation procedure should be based on facts, not guesswork.

Before simplifying a training or rehabilitation procedure to a level where it can be applied in a practical setting, often a more detailed investigation process is needed to validate the process. It is necessary to make studies involving a broader set of data and/or studies of already published research material. After that is done a method can be designed that may be used in practice with athletes or patients.

Many researchers discover that collecting the data was the easy part, while analyzing them became an overwhelming time consuming challenge. This is often because the study involved use of several different systems with data in all kinds of formats, not synchronized etc..

MUSCLELAB is designed to deal with that job; Allowing collection of data from many different sensors simultaneously makes research easier than ever. In most cases, you will no longer have to master several different systems to collect and analyze the data.