A major goal in physical therapy is to help patients regaining function. Various measures are taken to achieve this goal. A rehabilitation program may involve exercise, physiotherapy, heat treatment, laser, vibration etc. We are not to tell the professional what to do. Our task is to help verifying the outcome of the treatment.

By identifying and specifying the function(s) that the treatment should improve, we can seek to find a way to objectively quantify the level of functionality in the specified function. A function could be anything from walking, walking up/down stairs, muscular strength, balance, getting up from a chair, flexibility etc. Reduction of pain is also often a major issue.

MUSCLELAB is designed to do this job. Test protocols validated by scientists, or your own defined protocols, are made available in the MUSCLELAB software for use in a clinical setting with minimal effort.

We know that therapists have busy working days and have no time to waste struggling with complex software and configuration. I does not matter how god a protocol is if it requires engineers’ skills to operate, a scientist to interpret and excessive valuable time to operate.

A practical approach is to focus on left/right and before/after evaluation, using the patient as its own reference. Attention can then be paid to the function, allowing each individual using hers/his own natural technique.

MUSCLELAB also has several built in calibrated questionnaires in order to get information that is currently unavailable to the measurement system.