In top level sport, results are the only thing that matters. The big question is how to improve performance? There are many brilliant scientists and coaches out there seeking for answers. We are not providing the golden recipe, simply because we don’t have it.

What we can do, is to provide you with at tool that can help you to take much of the guesswork out of the equation.

There are many parameters that are influencing the performance:
– Power output
– Maximal speed, Maximal force
– Stiffness
– Endurance
– Anaerobic/aerobic capacity
– Stretch-shortening cycle
– Technique
– Nervous system

Also genetics, like percentage of fast twitch fibers, hormonal system, psychological factors, + a number of unknowns, plays major role in performance.

If you believe that a certain training regime or exercise is beneficial for the performance in the sport, you should monitor it to make sure.